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Aquarium Moves

Bought a new home? Moving your office? Building a renovation? Or, do you simply want your tank in a different spot of the house? All of these are possible with Normal Aquatics’ Tank Moving Service. Moving an entire standing unit is not nearly as simple as it sounds.

We at Normal Aquatics handle a tank move very carefully and systematically. It is important to reduce the stress of all livestock (fish, coral, inverts, etc) during a tank move, as an increase in stress will likely cause the livestock to die. Normal Aquatics’ Service Team knows exactly how to break down, move, and set back up Aquarium Systems. To ensure the safety of the livestock and equipment, there are certain steps to breaking down, moving, and setting it back up.

Normal Aquatics has moved many tanks before (both large Aquariums and nano tanks), and has great experience with handling livestock, and reducing fish and coral stress. If you want to change up your aquascape, and move some rocks and corals around, let us know! We want your tank to be just as beautiful as it were before the move!

Have Peace of Mind

Should any problem arise during your move (which is highly unlikely), Normal Aquatics is fully insured; you will be 100% covered!